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Jew and Gentiles Ministries

Dr. Allen and Dr. Karen Ranney 

Jew and Gentile Ministries

Ephesian 2:13-18...One in Messiah

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Our Mission

Our mission for Jew and Gentile Ministries is to follow God's plan to bring Jew and Gentile together in One New Man in Yeshua Messiah.

We feel this can only be done as believers obey the Holy Spirit in allowing the love of Yeshua to permeate our hearts and learning the Hebraic roots of the Bible.

What Our Endorsers Are Saying

Dr. Richard Booker (author of 40 books, speaker at Feast of Tabernacles, Jerusalem, every year):

“God is working to bring Jews and Gentile Christians together in preparation for the coming of Messiah. The Bible refers to this joining together as the "One New Man." Karen has written a warm, Christian friendly introduction to this biblical concept. I recommend her book to anyone searching for truth about God's plan to unite the hearts of the "People of the Book" in preparation for the coming of King Messiah."

Dr. Richard Booker, author, teacher of the Word of God

"We are living in exciting times when the Spirit of the Living God is awakening Christians

and Jews to the Jewishness of Jesus and the Hebraic roots of Christianity. After centuries

of being separated by the traditions of men, the "people of the Book" are reexamining the

Book of Books in its cultural context. This has caused both Christians and Jews to realize

that when we strip our respective faith of the traditions of men, we have the same faith in

the covenant God of history and His Messiah. I appreciate this book Allen has written that

contributes to this critical understanding."

Dr, Richard Booker, author and teacher of the Word of God

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